The Designer

Born in Switzerland of Italian origin, Giuliano has excelled in drawing since his earliest childhood.

From a very young age, he would regularly visit a stationery store with his mother to choose his materials, as he was passionate and ceaselessly sketched everything he loved, mainly fictional characters and cars. At the age of 13, his soul as a designer was affirmed, and he designed a clothing collection with two of his friends with the aim of creating his own ready-to-wear brand.

During his apprenticeship in building technology, he was the top of his class in technical drawing.

He also discovered an innate talent for sales and decided to make it his career, becoming a customer advisor in various fields. With a continual need to express his creativity, he continued to draw in his spare time and took a keen interest in modern art and design.

He has a natural gift for identifying unique pieces, both in terms of clothing and decorative objects. His thoughts fly at breakneck speed, his branching ideas never end, and each idea sparks another and so on. Endowed with a keen sense of precision, he does not stop creating until he has achieved perfection.

Self-taught, he never attended a design school. His ingenious spirit drives him to challenge already established trends, and it is thanks to his perseverance and endless creativity that he decides to combine steel and marble and make original furniture with sometimes eccentric colors.

Thus, the IVIGI brand was born.


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