IVIGI embodies Swiss craftsmanship
IVIGI is a contraction of the first names of the three founders who gave birth to the brand. Our brand primarily champions family and human values. Our collaborators are the heart of this entity. We place great importance on the human aspect and manufacturing. The machines used in our activity are work tools, but it is the human who thinks, designs, and manufactures. Each piece is unique and custom-made with materials sourced from nature. Our philosophy is to prioritize quality, which is why our items are durable and designed to be transported safely, and each stage of production is meticulously checked by our various specialists.
The first piece of furniture designed and crafted was a shelf

One of the founders desired a piece that didn’t exist in the market, so he sketched a design and produced it with his own hands. He created a metal frame and placed marble slabs as shelves. From there, the concept of IVIGI appeared to him as an evident truth.

We wanted to create a contemporary design by combining finesse and nobility with this natural stone that is marble.

Each piece of furniture can be personalized to everyone’s liking.

The colors offered for the structure are automotive paint shades with a multitude of choices. The shelves can be made of wood, carbon, stretched leather, glass, marble, granite, and precious stones.

It is also possible to have each product engraved and also to have the engraving filled with the element of your choice, such as gold, platinum, silver, an automotive paint shade, or even diamond.

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